Two Dogs in a Trench Coat : 02 : Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Start a Club by Accident


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Good dogs Sassy and Waldo start their own after school club and they don’t even realize it!

Sassy and Waldo love school!
They get to wear a trench coat and everyone thinks they’re a new student named Salty.
Except Stewart. He knows the truth.

But then Stewart has to stay after school for a club.
Sassy and Waldo know that a club is a sandwich. But it’s not that kind of club.
Sassy and Waldo go to the best place to wait for Stewart in the empty school: the cafeteria! Snacks! Running! Places to nap!
Their classmates find out what Salty is doing there and they want in on the club.

Only it’s not the sandwich kind.

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Publish date January 29, 2019
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