About Owl Books

I initially moved to Denmark for a new job and within a year I had my first child and was immediately faced with the arduous task of learning Danish. As many new parents know, time is a luxury and quite simply I didn’t have the time to learn Danish. Fast forward another year and my second child was born. At this point I was reading stories to my daughter and struggling with the Danish books yet finding it expensive and difficult to find English books. The public libraries carried English books, but at the rate we plowed through books, we went through their inventory in less than a month. I would go back to reading Danish books, but found that I was self conscious about my mispronunciation and worried I was “teaching” my daughter horrible Danish. I had so little energy at the end of the day, that it was not the wonderful bonding experience I had so much wanted to share with my children. Instead it was a struggle.

I want my children to be able to communicate with their grandparents and extended family. Aside from the television and internet videos, I am their only source for learning the English language. With this in mind, Owl Books was born. My vision is for Owl Books to fill the void for the Expats looking for English books for their children; for Danish children wanting to learn more English; and for the person that doesn’t have the luxury of buying a large inventory of books or able to get to the library on a regular basis. I am glad you have found us and I hope that for whatever your reason for visiting us, that you find what you’re looking for!

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