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Recess. A swing set. An argument.

A resolution! Michael Hall’s transformative Swing is a celebration of friendship, joy, and kindness. Readers of all ages will look forward to seeing how four unlikely friends navigate their differences. A surprising and standout picture book from the acclaimed and bestselling creator of Red: A Crayon’s Story and Perfect Square.

It’s recess! Four letters (O, V, E, and L) race to the playground to claim the swings. In several pages of recess banter and bullying, one letter is told it’s too round, one is from the wrong end of the alphabet, and one is a vowel and therefore not welcome. What does it take to save the day? Kindness .

. . and a heavenly and joyful swing.

And what do the letters-friends now because of their shared experience-spell when they finally come back to Earth? LOVE. A story about sharing, acceptance, and kindness, this transcendent and colorful picture book will keep readers guessing while also introducing the letters of the alphabet. Swing is for anyone who loves to hop on a swing and fly to the sky.

ISBN: 9780062866172
PubDate: 11 Jun 2020

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SKU 9780062866172
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