Ricky Ricotta : 02 : Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs The Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury


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From the creator of CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, comes an out-of-this-world friendship adventure – now in full colour. Mr Mosquito lives on Mercury, but he hates it there. The days are 800 degrees, and the heat melts his flip-flops, while the long nights are almost 300 degrees below zero! His toothpaste is always frozen.

One day Mr. Mosquito looks through his telescope and sees all the happy mice living on planet Earth. With a powerful ray, he zaps his fingernail clippings and grows them into massive mutant mosquitoes.

Then they climb aboard a spaceship to conquer Earth. Luckily for all of us, Ricky Ricotta and his giant Robot save the day-using lots of Flip-O-Rama action scenes and insect battles that children will love.

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Dimensions 135 × 201 × 8 mm


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