More Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School : More Than 50 Brainteasing Maths Puzzles

Welcome back to maths class at Wayside School. How much is PEPPERS + PIG LIPS? If Jenny’s shirt has sparkles on it, will Todd have egg in his hair? These Sideways Arithmetic problems may look puzzling at first, but you can use real maths to solve them, and the answers are perfectly logical. There are lots of clues and hints, plus all the answers are right there in the book. Best of all, the children you have read about in the other books about Wayside School are here to help you! Try solving these, and more than fifty other maths brainteasers, along with the kids from Mrs. Jewls’ class. You’ll learn a lot about maths but you’ll be laughing too much to notice!


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ISBN: 9781408801758
Sachar, Louis
PubDate: 2010-08-16
Format: Paperback
Pages: 112



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