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What to Expect : Babysitter and Nanny Handbook

Marrying the reassuring authority and trust of all the WHAT TO EXPECT books with a lively, accessible voice, THE WHAT TO EXPECT BABYSITTER AND NANNY HANDBOOK contains everything a childcarer needs to know when minding a child, from newborn to toddler. Packed with information, it covers all the basics and so much more. Topics include: how to keep a child safe and what to do in an emergency; the top five reasons babies cry, and eleven surefire ways to calm them down; taming temper tantrums and tempting the fussy eater; how to talk to a baby and how to get a toddler talking; bathing, potty training, sibling disputes; rainy-day activities and how to comfort a child; and how to build a happy and healthy relationship with the child’s family.

ISBN: 9781416502111
PubDate: 4 Apr 2005

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SKU 9781416502111
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