What to Expect Eating Well When You’re Expecting

How to eat your way healthily deliciously and effortlessly through those nine months of baby-making and beyond. It’s all here. Tips strategies and an easy-to-follow pregnancy eating plan that satisfies nutritional needs while gratifying taste buds: whether you’re at home on the run or on the job a snacker a grazer or a meal-eater a salad lover or a candy craver short on time or low on money too queasy or bloated or beat to eat trying to keep your weight on target or keep those pesky pregnancy symptoms in check. Plus the latest lowdown on low carbs vegetarian diets caffeine supplements food safety and more. Includes 175 quick-to-fix yummy recipes that pack in nutrients. Expect to eat well!


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ISBN: 9780606316446
Author: Murkoff Heidi Eisenberg | Mazel Sharon (CON)
Pages: 469


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