The Sheepover

One cold winter night Sweet Pea the orphan lamb becomes very sick. Everyone in the farmyard is worried about her! Under the watchful care of Farmer John Laddie the sheepdog and Dr. Alison the mobile veterinarian she slowly recovers. Dr. Alison tells Sweet Pea she can have a sleepover to celebrate as soon as she is well again. When the day finally comes her closest friends Sunny Prem and Violet join her in the greenhouse for a fun and imaginative “SheepOver” celebration.This charming story of caring and friendship by farm owners John and Jennifer Churchman brought to life with John’s entrancing photo-illustrations will enchant readers young and old. In the words of one of her many fans “Sweet Pea brings a calming authentic joy to my life that makes me laugh cry and gives me hope that all is well in the world. . . . Everyone needs a little Sweet Pea in their lives!”

ISBN: 9780316273565
Author: Churchman John
Pages: 1 volume (unpaged)


Weight 453 g
Dimensions 0,25 × 12 × 12 mm