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Sally Weans from Night Nursing

A book for older babies, toddlers, and children that colorfully details what a child might experience in the process of weaning from night nursing. Sally Weans From Night Nursing encourages the gradual process of weaning without absolutes or judgements regarding when a child “should” wean. This book helps to validate the child’s feelings associated with change and leads mother and child through to a new phase in thier relationship. As a prior mental health therapist, (MSW, LCSW-inactive stay at home mom) I believe that when a child’s feelings are validated and acknowledged, their emotional distress is signifigantly reduced. When a mother is ready, this book can be read to her child several times throughout the day in preparation for night weaning. The characters and circumstances in this book can then be discussed to help comfort and validate a child struggling with weaning. When I used this book to night wean my 18 month old daughter, I would mention the character Sally to remind my daughter that we needed to go back to sleep until the morning “like Sally.” This book can help a child understand that although the end of night nursing may be upsetting, there are also many benefits to getting a good night sleep. As I wrote this book to help my daughter night wean, there is a detailed description of what I did, how I felt, and how I prepared for this event. My daughter was night weaned after 4 nights and then we had a messy strawberry shortcake celebration with homemade whip cream!

ISBN: 9781483933832
Author: Mitchell, Lesli; Reinhold, Joanna (ILT)
PubDate: 2012-10-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 1 v. (unpaged)


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Dimensions 0,25 × 8,25 × 10,75 mm

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