Richard Scarry’s Rabbit and His Friends

A classic Little Golden Book about a sweet and unusual creature, written and illustrated by Richard Scarry in 1953, is back in print!

When Rabbit finds an egg, he assumes it belongs to Hen, until it hatches. Out of the egg comes an adorable roly-poly animal with webbed feet and a beak like Duck, a tail and fur coat like Beaver, and a shy dispostion like Squirrel. This funny story about a platypus who becomes friends with everyone was written and illustrated by Richard Scarry in 1953. It is now back in print in the Little Golden Book line. Perfect for Easter baskets, baby showers, and year-round fun, this book is sure to become a family storytime favorite!

ISBN: 9781984849892
PubDate: 7 Jan 2020

Weight 110 g

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