Potty Training Girls

Girls mature more quickly than boys and so are usually ready to potty train earlier. However, they can also be more sensitive to the process as a whole. In Potty Training Girls, Dr Caroline Fertleman and Simone Cave provide a clear step-by-step guide, taking parents through preparation; introducing and encouraging your daughter to use the potty; troubleshooting and much more.

This invaluable parenting guide also includes:- Checklists for both mental and physical signs that show your daughter is ready to potty train- Guidance on what kind of behaviour to expect and how to manage it- Sensitive advice if your daughter is a late starter or a ‘rebel’Potty Training Girls ensures that parents, and their daughters, pass this important milestone calmly, without worry or stress, and shows that it can even be fun!

ISBN: 9780091929145
PubDate: 6 Aug 2009

Weight 104 g
Dimensions 197 × 128 × 10 mm

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