Pick Your Path : Ring Bearer


In Ring Bearer a hoard of wraiths are after your ring – a sacred magical relic. Every page requires the reader to choose the next course of action in the story. One of a trilogy of books in the Pick Your Path series, Ring Bearer offers a fresh take on the traditional ‘Choose your own adventure’ format.

These are short, strong, fast-moving stories, offering short, low-level texts. These are not just books; they are fully interactive adventures that will have the reader guessing and guessing – what happens next? The reader decides! With strong, ‘unbook-like’ layouts, these black and white illustrated are perfect for building reading stamina: if the reader is ‘killed’ the first time, they can keep reading it until they find the route.

*Note: some of the content of this book is not appropriate for readers under the age of eleven.

ISBN: 9781785917929
PubDate: 1 Jan 2019


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Dimensions 205 × 119 × 4 mm




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