One Night, One Hanukkah Night

One night, one lightOne shining Hanukkah lightIn the great silver menorah The same menorah that shone in Bubby and Zaidy’s house so long ago now glistens in a modern home. Children sing Hanukkah songs, make latkes, and act out historic scenes. For each night there is a new form of celebration as a new candle is added to the great silver menorah.

Aidel Backman has written and illustrated a lively, full-color treasure. In this warm book, Hanukkah traditions pass from one generation to the next, from an Eastern European shtetl to America. This colorful work looks at the many ways families can celebrate this joyous holiday.

Young children will most likely ask their adult friends to reread this rhythmical text at least every night of Hanukkah and probably long after the eight days are over.

ISBN: 9780827615014
PubDate: 1 Oct 2019

Weight 126 g
Dimensions 203 × 255 × 2 mm

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