Never Talk to Strangers

If you are hanging from a trapeze
And up sneaks a camel with bony knees,
Remember this rule, if you please;
Never talk to strangers.

This book brilliantly highlights situations that children will find themselves in; whether they’re at home and the doorbell rings, or playing in the park, or mailing a letter on their street&;and tells them what to do if a stranger (always portrayed as a large animal, such as a rhino) approaches. Colorful, 60s-style-psychedelic-artwork and witty, lively rhyme clearly spell out a message about safety that empowers kids, and that has never been more relevant.

Irma Joyce wrote many Golden Books during the 1960s.

George Buckett was a popular children’s book illustrator during the 1960s.

ISBN: 9780375849640
PubDate: 15 Apr 2009

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Dimensions 0.25 × 8.25 × 10.25 mm

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