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Little Faces : What Is Fox Up To?

Fox is up to something, but what could it be? The other woodland animals watch as fox sneaks and creeps through the trees, but in the end, her surprise is not what they thought! This sweet story about a fox with a purpose has a satisfying twist at the end, and a moral message that teaches children not to judge others before they get to know them. Exciting paper technology meets playful storytelling in this stunning board book that’s sure to captivate younger children. Simply by turning the page, the clever Venetian paper engineering causes the animals’ expressions to change which helps little ones learn about different facial expressions and the emotions they convey.

ISBN: 9781786033222
Morgan, Matthew; Ballesteros, Carles (ILT)
PubDate: 2018-09-26
Format: Board Book
Pages: 8


Weight 186 g

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