In the Night Garden: Igglepiggle’s Birthday Surprise

It’s Igglepiggle’s birthday – but it seems like all of his friends in the Night Garden have forgotten! Igglepiggle is sad to find that nobody wants to play today. But there are a few things going on around the garden that Igglepiggle hasn’t spotted. Makka Pakka is painting a special stone, the Tombliboos are hanging bunting, and the Pontipines have made a cake .

. . Maybe Igglepiggle’s friends haven’t forgotten his birthday after all!Little fans of In the Night Garden will love this beautifully illustrated picture book, filled with all their favourite characters from the show.

ISBN: 9780241249833
PubDate: 7 Apr 2016

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 222 × 221 × 4 mm



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