How to Raise a Mum

A laugh-out-loud funny picture book. Packed full of tips on how to have fun with your mum and make her feel loved on Mother’s Day!So you want to look after your mum? Then you need this book!Essential tips include: How to wake your mum up (nicely). How to be the best ever errands helper.

How to help your mum relax. (Hint: you could sing her a lullaby)Always remember, mums are special. They require expert care and extra cuddles.

This hilarious ‘How To’ guide style picture book is guaranteed to get kids giggling (and keep them busy!)Look out for more books in the brilliantly funny, New York Times bestselling series:How to Surprise a DadHow to Catch SantaHow to Babysit a GrandadHow to Babysit a GrandmaHow to Get Your Teacher Ready for SchoolHow to Scare a Ghost

ISBN: 9781444930399
PubDate: 8 Feb 2018

Weight 190 g

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