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Food Fight

Lumpy mashed potatoes oozing down the wall; green beans soaring through the air; soggy meatloaf guiltily smeared across the cafeteria floor…who threw the first fistful of food in the school cafeteria? Could it be the shy new kid cracking under the pressure of being new? The star athlete? He could easily throw veggies across the room. Perhaps the perp is someone completely unexpected, like a top student who has never been in trouble before? The suspects are endless but someone started it and someone is going to detention. All this in the middle of a contentious contest for the election of class president.

Lots of suspects to investigate but the case will be cracked – and the election won.

A fun-filled middle grade novel.

ISBN: 9781554553914
PubDate: 2019-04-21

Weight 154 g

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