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Fingers for Halloween

A Halloween-themed companion to Fingers for Lunch, a unique die-cut format that provides hours of finger-play fun for parents and toddlers!

Hello there! How are you this Halloween evening? I hope that you’re ready to go trick-or-treating! But I am not looking for candy or gum. What I want to eat is a fat little thumb.

In this spooky playtime rhyme, young readers will burst into giggles as they fit their fingers through die-cut holes and make them wiggle and squirm while a hungry little monster tries to gobble up every last bite! Parents play the part of the monster and “eat up” their laughing little ones fingers, turning the pages to make the holes disappear one by one until there are no wigglers left. Then start back at the beginning, this time with mom or dad’s fingers in the holes–if they’re willing to risk it!

ISBN: 9780316378000
Lewis, Brandt; Doerrfeld, Cori (ILT)
PubDate: 2017-07-25
Format: Board Book
Pages: 1 volume (unpaged)


Weight 181 g
Dimensions ,25 × 7,00 × 7,00 mm

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