DK Braille : Animals


Designed especially for the young braille reader, this tactile book features a fascinating selection of creatures, from bears and big cats to birds and bugs. DK Braille Animals has everything written in both large print and braille for kids. The facts are accompanied by embossed and tactile images, including a fuzzy lion’s mane and scaly serpent skin.

Discover the fascinating world of animals, from ferocious predators and leaping monkeys to snappy alligators and fantastic frogs. Then test what you have learnt with a fun quiz at the end of the book. Fully endorsed by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), DK Braille Animals is a wonderful way for curious readers to discover the animal kingdom.

ISBN: 9780241228395
PubDate: 1 Mar 2016

Weight 628 g
Dimensions 226 × 285 × 24 mm




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