Bond SATs Skills: Reading Comprehension Workbook 8-9 Years


Bond SATs Skills Reading Comprehension Workbook for Age 8-9 has been created by Bond to establish strong reading comprehension foundations, beginning to prepare for SATs tests at the end of Key Stage 2. Matched to the new National Curriculum, this book helps children to build the knowledge and skills expected in National Curriculum SATs tests.


  • SATs Skills build reading comprehension skills from age 8, ensuring they are developed gradually but solidly for greater absorption
  • Uses Bond’s unique experience in developing English skills for exam success to help support children’s preparation and requirements
  • This title is written by Michellejoy Hughes, an expert in preparing 8-11 year olds for success in exams
  • Strong reading comprehension skills are central to the National Curriculum for English
  • Provides expert tips and advice throughout

ISBN: 9780192749581
PubDate: 12 Oct 2017

Weight 152 g
Dimensions 210 × 296 × 6 mm

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