Big Brands: Minecraft

Big Brands offers you the chance to delve deep into the amazing stories behind the world’s most iconic businesses – how they began, their successes and failures, and their impact on the global market. The series examines the human aspect of each brand – its consumers, brand developers, designers and others who work on it. Big Brands: Minecraft looks at the development of the global phenomenon that is Minecraft, and at the story of Mojang, the company behind it.

It explains Mojang’s business plan and marketing strategy, and how it presents itself to consumers through logos and advertising campaigns. How Minecraft became the most popular game in the world is also looked at, as is Mojang’s multi-billion dollar sale to Microsoft. ‘Business Studies’ features explain some key industry terms such as management and sponsorship, while ‘Building the Brand’ features explore the marketing of the brand, from the development of the logo to the huge impact of social media.

‘Brains Behind the Brand’ features focus on key people who’ve worked for Mojang such as Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, the game developer and former majority shareholder. Mojang is just one iconic company in the global marketplace.

ISBN: 9780750292528
PubDate: 14 May 2015

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