Be Brave : Be Your Best Self Every Day

‘Be Brave’ is a guide for teenagers to help them build self-confidence, inner strength and resilience. It covers a range of topics, from dealing with gossip and cyberbullies to resisting peer pressure, from mastering public speaking to performing live on stage, from learning how to make the right decisions to coping with embarrassing moments – and from believing in yourself to realizing your dreams. With supportive, unpatronising and gender-neutral editorial, the ‘Be You’ series offers conceptual and delicate illustrations that invite readers to reflect on the many changes and challenges affecting them.

Most importantly, it celebrates individuality, boosting self-esteem. This innovative approach, informative and engaging, makes these books an empowering tool that will be welcomed by teenagers and praised by parents and teachers alike.

ISBN: 9781781453872
PubDate: 25 Apr 2019


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