Baby Sign Language Flash Cards (ASL)

Babies learn fastest when sign language is included in a variety of daily routine and fun activities. Illustrated with clear, brightly coloured photographs, these flash cards are the perfect tool for signing about the fun things that babies get excited about, such as toys, animals and everyday objects. The deck consists mostly of nouns, since these are the concepts conveyed most effectively by a flash card.

This refreshed edition of Monta Briant’s Baby Sign Language Basics Flash Cards – a perfect companion to her book of the same name, also recently repackaged with new visuals – gives parents and caregivers a fun, easy-to-use tool for making sign language enjoyable and easy to learn.

ISBN: 9781401957247
PubDate: 20 Aug 2019
50 Cards

Weight 424 g
Dimensions 160 × 113 × 33 mm

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