A Bouquet in a Book : Party in a Book

What makes a birthday better than rainbows, unicorns, and being told how amazing you are? Party in a Book provides all of the above. The pages feature eight pop-up surprises (a unicorn, a pinata, candles, a rainbow, a shooting star, and more) that transform the book into a cake topped with whimsical decorations. Take the jacket off, pop up the decorations, and turn this little book into an instant party for a desk or shelf! The book also features fill-in prompts on the first page, to help you create a personalized birthday message letting friends know how awesome you think they are.

Check out the other books in this trademarked series: Happy Day: A Bouquet in a Book, Thinking of You: A Bouquet in a Book, Succulents in a Book, and Birds in a Book. Ages 8 and up.

ISBN: 9781419737343
PubDate: 26 Feb 2019


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Weight 284 g
Dimensions 142 × 163 × 15 mm



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