1 How does Owlbooks work?

After signing up, browse the website and add the books you would like to your queue by clicking the "Add to Queue" button. We automatically ship the number of titles your membership plan allows. The remaining titles in your queue will be queued up for future orders. We recommend keeping at least 10-15 titles in your queue at all times for the greatest enjoyment of our service. You may keep the book(s) as long as you'd like, there are no due dates or late fees. When we receive books you have returned, we automatically generate and ship your next order.

2 How does my queue work?

When you first add titles to your queue, the system will automatically generate orders until you have the maximum number of titles checked-out your membership allows. The additional titles you add to your queue will be queued up for future orders. When Owlbooks receives your returned books, the system automatically generates your next available titles into an order. Because inventory continuously fluctuates, books are selected from your queue based on priority and availability.

3 Why are books not sent in the priority I set?

Because inventory continuously fluctuates, books are selected from your queue based on priority and availability. If the first title in your queue is not available at the time of your next order, the system will work its way down your queue until it finds enough available titles to generate your next order. If you want a specific book for an occasion it is best to place this in your queue early so as to ensure priority.

4 How many books should I return at a time?

You can return some or all of your books at a time. We will only send out the number of books left in your membership. If you return one book of your 5 book membership, then we will send out one book. If you return 5 books of your membership, then we will send out 5 books.

5 What if my child damages a book?

We understand children and books. We also understand that accidents happen. Should this happen, then kindly ship back the books and pages (or even pieces of the pages) if they are ripped out. Please include a note or send us a message notifying us of the damage. Please include the page(s) where we can locate the damage. We will do our best to restore the book. If we are unable to restore the book, then we will replace the book without any cost to you. We only ask that you take care of the books as if they are your own.

6 What if I want to keep my book?

We are so delighted if you found a book that you really enjoy and want to keep. You are more than welcome to keep your copy and let us know. Or, we can simply send you a brand new un-used version. To order the book, simply search our inventory and instead of adding the book to your queue. Click on the "Buy New" button in the book detail page.

7 What if I lose my shipper?

You can order a new shipper by going to your menu "My Profile" at the top of the page. On the left hand navigation window, you will see "Request Shipper". Here you can request a new shipper to be sent to you.

8 I can't find the title I want.

We are rolling out the ability to request titles that are not currently in inventory. This will include adult literature as well. In the interim you are welcome to submit requests via email to, and based on demand and availability we will add the books to our inventory and notify you once it's available.

9 I wasn't able to find an answer to my question. Who can I ask?

You may contact us by writing to We will respond as soon as we can!